Support Local During Covid: PEI Eats

Tired of cooking meals at home and want a way to support local businesses? Now is a great time to get takeout, curbside pickup, or delivery from a small-town business. Whether it’s seafood or pasta, Vietnamese or Greek, there’s something in PEI for what ever you desire!

Noodle bowl, pho, ingredients, and spring rolls arranged on plates on a table.
From The Son Vietnamese Restaurant

The Son Vietnamese Restaurant, Charlottetown

We’ll be quick to admit we’ve never had a vermicelli bowl as delicious and flavourful as the one at the Son Vietnamese. Full of vegetables, noodles, meat, and a sauce you’ll never forget (for great reasons), try the Bun Thit Ga Nuong. They offer several pho dishes as well as crispy spring rolls that necessitate more than one visit!

Tyne Valley Teas Café, Tyne Valley

Plate of tarts surround by tea cups
From Tyne Valley Teas Café

Tyne Valley is a true treasure, and the same goes for the Teas Café. Offering curbside from Thursday to Saturday, you can pick up cupcakes, scones, and cheesecake (try the Lemony Swirl cupcakes!). It’s dainty, it’s fresh, and it’s good eats. Plus, they have a wide selection of teas (hence the name) like the Chocolate Chai (yum).

Eggs Benedict served with home fries
From Granville St. Diner

Granville Street Diner, Summerside

Homemade and family owned, Granville St. Diner serves good quality meals all day long. Get French toast or eggs Benedict any time, or opt for roast turkey dinner, fish & chips, or a hot chicken sandwich. Classic diner meals for anyone.

Famous Peppers Pizza, Montague

Pizza topped with pickles, meat, and mayo
From Famous Peppers Pizza

With names like ‘Sgt. Pepperoni,’ ‘Spud Islander,’ and the ‘Hula Hula,’ who wouldn’t want to order from Famous Peppers Pizza? Made with their own sauce and dressed with a wide variety of ingredients, you’re sure to find a pizza for everyone. The hardest part? Choosing just one! Get a special to add delicious garlic fingers as well!

Eggs, toast, French toast, and bacon
From Maid Marian’s Diner

Maid Marian’s Diner, Charlottetown

Time may have taken the Peter Pan restaurant, but Maid Marian’s still stands! With a Robin Hood themed menu, you’ll find a mixture of favourites – bacon cheeseburgers, club wraps, and hot dogs. There’s amazing milk shakes, homemade pies, and carrot cake on top of that. A great dining experience in the heart of the Island.

Pies and bread
From Chez Yvonne’s Restaurant

Chez Yvonne’s Restaurant, Cavendish

Steak! Do we have your attention? Good, because Chez Yvonne’s an amazing surf & turf plate that will make you wonder why you’d go anywhere else for steak. And if you’re hungry for seafood, they offer scallops, lobster, clams, and haddock as well.

Cooked lobster
From Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers

Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers, North Rustico

Prince Edward Island is home to dozens of lobster dinners. From church organizers to sit-down restaurants, you’re bound to come across a place to eat. Fisherman’s Wharf includes lobsters, all-you-can-eat mussels, a large salad bar, and a fantastic view of the ocean.

Container of chocolate ice cream
From Cows

Cows Creamery, Charlottetown

Granted, it’s not a restaurant. But there’s no one we’d do a list on PEI eats and not include Cows. It’s creamery location is doing curbside pickup, with online ordering of their famous ice cream, butter, cheese, and the all-important Raspberry Cordial. May we recommend getting a container of Wowie Cowie?

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